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How to Earn Money by Creating a Motivational Instagram Page

How to Earn Money by Creating a Motivational Instagram Page If you’re looking to make money on Instagram, there are tons of potential opportunities out there. However, not all of them are legal or even ethical—and some can even damage your reputation if you don’t do them correctly.

So today we’re going to discuss how to earn money by creating a motivational instagram page, in which you’ll promote other people’s content and earn affiliate income from those products, services, and tools.

Post About Inspiring People

This post is about motivational people and how to make money on instagram by inspiring others. The primary focus of inspirational instagram pages is providing quotes or life lessons, which instagram users can like, comment on and share with friends.

By building an engaged following, you have access to a potential customer base eager for what you offer. What makes your page unique? Are you more focused on health-related advice or spiritual wisdom? Can you provide other services in addition to motivational content?

Get Influencers To Boost Posts

First, create an Instagram page and make sure you use hashtags like #motivation and #inspiration in your posts. Next, find influencers in your niche who have a lot of followers and get them to share some of your images—for free.

If they’re posting about something you know well (like personal training), follow them and wait for a week where they aren’t sharing any content or doing anything with their account.

Create a Contest or Giveaway

Earning money on social media is all about appealing to people, and there’s no better way to attract attention than with a giveaway or contest. No matter what kind of prize you offer—cash, gift cards, vacations—people love winning stuff.

It’s like getting paid in candy bars. But it’s not as easy as picking an item and sending out an SNS post; you need more.

Have an Affiliate Program

It might sound kind of out there, but if you want to start making money on your instagram page, it’s a good idea to have an affiliate program.

This is where you partner with another company who will pay you for each person who becomes a customer from your promotional efforts. This way you can use their products in your posts and have an additional revenue stream from them!

Advertise on Your Insta

In just two years, Instagram has grown to over 200 million users. With so many people using the app daily, there’s definitely money to be made on instagram (you can learn more about how we use influencers for our clients here). Here are some tips for creating a motivational instagram page

Monetize With Online Courses

Making money from your instagram page doesn’t require complicated software or tech skills. It does require that you look at it as more than just an outlet for expression.

With a bit of creativity and willingness to get started, you can turn that passion into cash flow – with online courses being one way you can do so.

Sell instagram page

You’re right—you can’t make money on Instagram. But you can (and so can your clients) sell an influencer page that features your product or service.

The idea is simple: You post awesome photos and videos of that product, use relevant hashtags, interact with followers, and build credibility in your field by interacting with influencers who are doing great work in that niche.

Follow top creators in motivation

If you’re looking for inspiration, one of your best places to start is with motivational Instagram creators. You can find them by searching for terms like motivation or inspiration on IG, and then following top accounts like @dangfire or @thejourney_collective .

Looking at these types of users’ profiles will show you how they use captions and stories in their feeds.

Make reels on motivation page

There are also websites that allow you to make money on instagram. These work much like YouTube, allowing you to get paid for creating videos that are viewed and liked by others. If your niche is fitness, health or motivation, for example, then create motivational reels about healthy eating and exercise, and drive traffic from your social media accounts over onto your instagram page.

Promote other instagram pages

You’re not in business to lose money. So, if you start a motivational instagram page, it’s because you want people to visit it. And since you’re paying for ads (instead of earning money from visitors), one of your biggest jobs is going to be encouraging other people with their own pages and products to promote yours.

And remember: You’re in competition with other motivated entrepreneurs who are also trying to earn money off your page—you need everything you can get!

Grow instagram motivation page

​​It can be hard to get inspired. However, if you have a large enough following on your motivational instagram page, people will naturally share and repost your content—increasing your audience’s exposure and growing your page.

The key is having that good first picture that intrigues people into following you and joining in on what you’re doing. Once you have followers, stick with posts that resonate with those individuals. They like what they see? They’ll stick around for more!

Share your page to grow in social media

In order to gain an audience, you’ll want your page to be as discoverable as possible. One of the easiest ways to make sure people can find your page is to share it with social media accounts that are already popular.

Not only will sharing your account help bring more views, but it will also bring in potential followers and encourage existing followers on other social media platforms. Once someone follows you on one platform, there’s a good chance they’ll check out your account elsewhere as well.

Use perfect hastags on the page

The more hashtags you use, especially words with high search volume, is going to dramatically increase your chance of being discovered. Additionally, you’ll also want to use negative keywords so that your content won’t be served up for unrelated searches.

For example, when using hashtags on images from Disneyworld in Orlando (#disneyworld), put #notflorida or #notorlando somewhere in there so it won’t end up showing up in images searches for those locations.

Use theme based posts to attract

To attract an audience, you want to create your page around a niche theme or interest. Maybe you love cats and would like to start an Instagram for cute cat pictures and video? You may also want to include inspirational quotes from entrepreneurs and leaders in business.

If people see that you’re trying to spread positivity, they will feel drawn towards your brand.

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