Best YouTube Channel Ideas

Best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face in 2022

Best YouTube Channel Ideas

If you’re building your YouTube channel, there are tons of benefits to starting a channel that doesn’t show your face.

Some people don’t want to show their faces, and some aren’t even good on camera! There are several different types of channels you can start that don’t show your face, here are 8 examples to get you started!

1) Health & Fitness (Best YouTube Channel Ideas)

Fitness has become a lifestyle for many people. It’s an efficient way to feel better both physically and mentally. But it’s not just professional athletes who lead active lifestyles; everyday people are also finding that a few small changes here and there can yield big results in terms of overall health and well-being.

 And one of those ways is through exercise videos, or in other words, YouTube channels dedicated to helping users lose weight, gain muscle, learn yoga, etc.

2) Family Friendly Content

The family-friendly approach is simple—create channels that appeal to kids of all ages and families. There are plenty of popular YouTubers who have launched kid-focused channels that are doing exceptionally well.

Some of them include EvanTubeHD, KidsTV123, and SuperCarlinBrothers. Creators like these have built large fan bases around their kid-focused content, which keeps their channel active even when they’re not publishing new videos.Best YouTube Channel Ideas

3) News, Current Events, Politics

There’s always an audience for news, but many people prefer to get their political news from sources they already agree with. If you want to avoid a divided audience—or simply have something new to say—consider covering local or global politics in a channel that presents a fair and balanced point of view.

Politics aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so why not ride that wave for as long as it lasts?

4) DIY

Do it yourself! If you have a hobby or skill that you think would translate well to video content, start a channel and teach people how to do what you love. This works best if you already have a fan base interested in your topic.

They’ll be more likely to watch your videos and subscribe. Otherwise, they may get bored while watching you go over instructions for something they’re not sure how to do themselves.

5) Comedy

Comedy is perhaps the most popular niche for YouTube channels. You can do a typical stand-up routine or make your own sketches, but you’ll need to come up with something fresh to stand out from all of your competition.

 If you have a gift for gab and can make people laugh, a comedy channel could be a great choice! Just don’t expect it to happen overnight—success on YouTube takes time, effort, and commitment.

6) Music/Performing Arts

Do you want to show off your singing talent? Have an amazing band that plays music in exotic places and wants to be featured online? Do you just love hearing new music from around the world?

 If any of these things sound like you, check out Hi5’s Music Channel. Hi5’s Music Channel has thousands of videos from artists all over South Africa, as well as other countries.

7) Education/Schools

If you’re looking to start a video series that’s focused on education, you’ll have plenty of options. PBS and Khan Academy are great places to get started for videos on any topic.

 If you’d like to record your own video series, try iMovie or ScreenFlow for Macs.

8) Spoken Word / Radio

Spoken word and radio are popular content formats on YouTube. For spoken word, like poetry or short stories, have a video that is only you talking to a camera (no background music or other visuals).

For radio-type shows, find royalty free music to create a podcast. Include an intro and outro and intersperse your recording with clips of people listening and and saying something like I love your show!

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