14 AdSense Alternatives for Publishers in 2022

14 AdSense Alternatives for Publishers in 2022

14 AdSense Alternatives for Publishers in 2022 : If you’re looking to monetize your content and generate revenue through online advertising, Google AdSense is the most reliable solution available.

Although it has yet to be unseated as the king of ad networks, AdSense isn’t quite as popular as it once was with publishers,

and as such, you may be on the lookout for AdSense alternatives in 2022 that are not only comparable but can help you earn more revenue and grow your business further. Here are eight AdSense alternatives you should consider adding to your repertoire.


It’s an ad tech company that was founded by two MIT graduates and is used to be a tool that connected website owners with publishers.

But after several acquisitions, it’s now part of Google itself! If you have a product that requires payment processing, then Publift might be a good alternative to Adsense. It comes with several advantages such as easy integration and real-time reporting.AdSense Alternatives for Publishers


This is a cost-per-click ad network that lets advertisers set their bid prices and select from topic categories. The network, which is open to all sizes of publishers, pays publishers who have PropellerAds Code installed on their websites based on how many times their ads were clicked.

It offers flexible campaign settings, conversion tracking and reporting, making it a good choice for marketers looking to optimize campaigns and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon is another excellent program to make money with, as you can see from many past examples of people making six figures per month with it. Amazon also has a Native Shopping Ads program that works similarly to Google Adsense, but it only works for selling products and not displaying ads on your site.

However, once you get products on Amazon and build up reviews, then you can also participate in their Associates Program which allows you to generate income off of referrals.


Making money from an audience is never easy. The good news is that there are plenty of places to turn for an alternative, such as Adsterra.

This platform uses blockchain technology to cut out middlemen and deliver rewards to publishers based on how many pageviews they have contributed to a site and whether or not they have engaged with content. AdSense Alternatives for Publishers

Successful publishers can then cash out their tokens through exchanges, which is ideal if you’re looking to diversify your portfolio.


If you’re ready to make some money from your website, there are lots of ad networks that pay their publishers based on how many impressions they earn. A-Ads is one of them; it offers targeted display ads and pays out its members every Friday.

You can sign up with A-Ads here and set up your account to receive payments via PayPal or Bitcoin. The minimum payment threshold is $5, so be sure to reach that level if you want to cash out!


One of my favorite alternatives to Google Adsense. It’s ad revenue program that allows publishers to earn revenue based on traffic quality and content. Instead of earning revenue from ads, InfoLinks focus on building relationships between businesses and people.

InfoLinks offers 3 different ad formats including promoted links (similar to Google Adsense), marketplace ads (allows readers to purchase directly from their site) and value propositions.


While Revcontent doesn’t have a huge user base, they do have some big time publishers like Forbes and Entrepreneur. Since they are one of Google’s approved content distribution networks, you can rest assured that it is a safe place to distribute your content.

If you aren’t worried about earning money with your website, then Revcontent could be an excellent way to get more exposure for your content. Check out their homepage for some interesting tips on how to succeed with them.

 SHE Media

You can upload videos to SHE Media’s platform and make money from YouTube. That’s about all that stands out about them, though. If you want better-targeted advertising, you’re going to need to go with another alternative.

Pixc: Pixc connects advertisers with content creators and pays them when their work is used on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Also a well-known CPM network, BidVertiser was established with one core purpose—to make online marketing easy. With their two-tier revenue share and impressive rate of ad delivery, BidVertiser is an excellent alternative to Google AdSense.

They’re so confident in their product that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, but only when you sign up through authorized partners like Optify.14 AdSense Alternatives


If you’re looking to get ads on your site but don’t want to work with Google, BuySellAds might be a good choice. This ad network works similarly to AdSense, where you place ads directly on your page and then get paid when someone clicks on them.

The difference is that there aren’t as many sites using BuySellAds so it’s less saturated with advertisers.


With Skimlinks, publishers can make money through affiliate marketing by monetizing links within their content. Skimlinks is transparent with its payments and requires no additional work from publishers once they sign up to receive commission payments.

For example, a publisher could set up a Skimlinks account, place affiliate links on their website’s pages, and then let their search traffic do all of the work—the company will pay them based on their ad revenue.


Launched in 2010, Sovrn is an ad tech platform that boasts a suite of tools designed to help publishers sell their advertising and monetize their websites. Sovrn isn’t just about selling ads, though. AdSense Alternatives for Publishers.14 AdSense Alternatives

One of its most popular offerings is called Publishing Suite, which provides SEO capabilities, cross-device tracking, campaign management tools and more.

The company also offers traditional ad serving services like site retargeting and programmatic buying platforms.AdSense Alternatives for Publishers


For publishers who want to make money from every visitor but don’t want to deal with complicated coding, affiliate links and other involved processes, AdClickMedia offers a simple advertising platform that doesn’t take any technical knowledge.

Just sign up, choose your ad options, copy and paste a simple HTML code snippet onto your site, and you’re done.14 AdSense Alternatives

AdExchange (ADX)

This Google alternative offers publishers a choice between selling ads directly or going through an ad exchange. When you list with ADX, it will display your inventory and advertisers will contact you about which of your inventory they want to buy.

This means that when an advertiser wants to run an ad on your site, he bids using ADX’s real-time bidding auction against other advertisers, and if he wins, his bid is matched against yours. You are then paid based on how much profit you made from that ad.

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