YouTube channel ideas

8 YouTube channel ideas without showing your face

YouTube channel ideas without showing your face

YouTube channel ideas : Are you thinking about starting your own Youtube channel? Are you on the fence about it? If so, one of the things that might be holding you back from starting one is the fear of having to show your face on camera.

Some people just don’t like to show their face on camera because they feel they aren’t attractive enough, and other people are worried about being recognized by someone in their real life if they use their real name or picture online.

If this sounds like you, then here are some Youtube channels that don’t require showing your face on camera to get started!

YouTube channel ideas Getting Started

If you’re an introvert and you’re really not looking forward to stepping in front of a camera, then why not start a YouTube channel that doesn’t require you to do so? Whether you want to offer product reviews, tutorials or tips on how to do something-or-other, there are plenty of things that can be done from behind your computer.

One-on-One Tutorials

If you’re a software whiz with a background in engineering, economics, or another quantitative field, you can set up an online tutoring service. If you’re more into writing and communication, your platform can be social media and screencasting tools like Snapchat or YouTube. Either way, create tutorials that show viewers how to use these tools for their own professional purposes.

Cooking Demonstrations

Want to share your passion for cooking with others? Try hosting a cooking demonstration on YouTube.

Music Videos

Have a musical talent? If you can sing, then why not try your hand at a karaoke video series like Erin Lee Scott. Or maybe you’re into beatboxing or instrumental covers. Whatever it is, music videos are popular and fun to watch. If you can think of something clever, then give it a shot! (To brush up on your skills, check out YouTube’s Beatboxing Academy.)

Live Streaming

Yes, you can create an online community without using your face—or at least getting into front of a camera. Live streaming is a powerful way to connect with an audience, particularly if you’re passionate about your subject and enjoy interacting with people.

Daily Vlogging

Vlogging is one of those things that seems intimidating because you feel like you need a massive audience before you start. But then there are channels like The Young Turks, which started as a talk show and have some of their biggest hits in video form. Vlogging can provide an interesting mix of creative control and instant feedback for your audience. It’s also really fun!

Educational Series

Educational YouTube channels are everywhere. It’s a great way to learn something new, or revisit an old skill. Here are some ideas for educational YouTube channels you can start right now!

Comedy Series

A comedy series is a great way to start your youtube channel and make money. These days with all of our craziness going on in today’s world, it is refreshing for us all to be able to laugh about something. From vlogs (video blogs) or video logs a Comedy Series can help keep people laughing throughout their day.

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