8 Ways to Make Money Online Without Spending a Single Rupee

8 Ways to Make Money Online Without Spending a Single Rupee

8 Ways to Make Money

8 Ways to Make Money : You know that you want to work from home and make money online, but you just don’t have the cash to invest in things like websites or paid advertising. You’re limited by your budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed and make money online.

 In fact, there are lots of ways to do so even if you only have five thousand rupees (or less) to work with! Here are eight ideas you can use to start making money right away – some of them are passive income streams, too!

1) Become an Amazon Affiliate (8 Ways to Make Money)

If you’re in India, one of your best options for online income is through Amazon. To sign up as an affiliate marketer with Amazon, go to amazonservices.in/en/signup and log in with your regular Amazon credentials.

You’ll be presented with an application form—fill it out honestly and accurately, provide accurate documentation, and get approved!

2) Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of India’s biggest video sharing sites, as well as being one of its most popular social networks. It’s also ideal for business, since you can grow an audience without spending any money.

Anyone with a smartphone can upload their vlogs, tutorials and product demonstrations directly to YouTube using their phone’s camera and in real time.

3) Work on Freelancing Sites

Freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are a quick way to jumpstart your journey towards freelancing. These sites will help you build an online profile for yourself as an expert in your area of expertise.

You can make money by working on projects, set up by clients around one or multiple work categories. You can bid on any project you’re interested in, but make sure you have relevant experience.

4) Teach at Home

This online tutoring site is a no-brainer. Sign up with Tutorvista and you can sell your services as an online tutor. The company will connect you with parents looking for online tutors in almost any subject, including math, science, English, foreign languages and more.

 You can make anywhere from $10 – $40 per hour here by creating your own hourly rate or bidding on existing jobs already posted.

5) Create Good Quizzes

Quizzes are an excellent tool for generating leads and increasing engagement on your website. By asking questions, you make visitors think about their answers, which makes them more likely to explore your site (and hopefully convert).

Also, by targeting what you want (answers), it’s much easier for users to self-identify as potential leads. Build More Question-Based Content: Quizzes aren’t just for lead generation; they can also improve user experience.

6) Write Articles in Hindi and English

We all know that making money online is not easy, but it’s not impossible. It takes some hard work and most importantly finding content that your target audience is actually interested in reading.

For example, if you want to write about Hindi poetry, your readers are going to be people who are passionate about Hindi Poetry and that’s very limited audience.

7) Post One Video A Day On Facebook

Posting one video per day on Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo can help you quickly boost your audience (and earning potential). Video is arguably one of the most engaging and preferred ways for people to consume content online. If you’re not taking advantage of it in some capacity, you’re missing out.

8) Become an Expert Witness

If you’re an expert in a niche that would be helpful for other people, like say computer programming or being an accounting professional, you can make money online by joining some of these sites and selling your expertise.

You’ll set up your profile with all your credentials and experience, and once it’s approved, you can start getting paid. Sites like Freelancer and Upwork offer thousands of potential clients looking for help with everything from writing blogs to web design to marketing their products.Here we conclude 8 Ways to Make Money.

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