Best Money Earning Apps

7 Best Money Earning Apps In India in 2022

Best Money Earning Apps

Best Money Earning Apps : Do you want to earn money online? then why you are so late, in today’s era, every person needs money, and earning money from online apps has become very easy nowadays.

Here we will discuss earning apps. But did you know that you can make money while using these apps? Yes, you read that correctly. Why not check out our list of money earning apps in India.

Such apps will be disclosed. Like you can make money from real money earning apps and transfer it directly to your bank.

1. Meesho(Best Money Earning Apps)

Meesho has become a very big company and paying high payout between all the best money earning apps in India, you can earn money by signing up with meesho, you can also do business with meesho.

if you have a company, then you can connect your company with meesho and send your product there at a good price, and even if you do not have your company, you can also sell all the products available on meesho on commission.

To sell you have to choose the products from there and share them on your contact and anywhere and after the purchasing of the product You will get a commission amount on the sale, which will be your commission.

Meesho is contributing a big role in the best money earning apps. many people are connected with meesho and earn a good amount of money online with the help of the internet and some devices. you can also make money online through this.

  1. Link your store in meesho
  2. Sell meesho product on commission
  3. Best app for female lifestyle
  4. Over 1 crore downloads on google play store
Downloads  10CR+
Released on  16-02-2017
Offered by  Meesho
Reviews  13 L+
Rating  4.3*

2. Google Opinion Reward(Best Money EarningApps)

Google Opinion Reward This is the Best money making app in India created by Google itself, through which you can earn money by spending some time and have some information that Google takes some surveys and information from you.

After filling it Google gives you some points. which you can transfer directly to your wallet, you can work whenever you are free, it is very easy and believes in it because google is a big company.

There is no risk of fraud in it, the money earned in it will be real. Whenever you are free, once you think about earning money in Google Opinion Rewards

  1. Share your opinion and earn coins
  2. Most Trusted online money earning apps in India
  3. Fill some surveys
  4. Give information about nearby places
  5. Trusted application
Downloads  5CR+
Released on  23-05-2017
Offered by  Google LLC
Reviews  24 L+
Rating  4.3*

3. Cash karo

Cashkaro is a very big platform where many types of websites are linked to CashKaro. which have direct tie-up with cash Karo, nowadays every person does online shopping but if we do not go to any website directly and go to that website through Cashkaro.

Then cash Karo gives some commission on shopping from there and also gives a discount on shopping, Cashkaro puts it in our wallet after the successful transaction it is a good way to earn a commission for shopping along with cash Karo.

you can also transfer the money to your account later. cash Karo is the Top money earning app in India goodmoney can be earned with this.

  1. All shopping websites connected here
  2. Shop with discount
  3. Earn cashback and reward both
  4. Create your profitable link and earn more by shop
Downloads  1CR+
Released on  18-06-2018
Offered by  Cashkaro
Reviews  68 T+
Rating  3.7*
Size39MB( approx )

4. Dream 11

Dream11 is a fantasy gaming app, inside it, you will get to see many games like cricket, football, kabaddi, hockey, basketball, etc. in which you have to choose a game and before this game is played, you have to make your team from all the players present and You have to set them according to their performance.

After the team is formed when the match will be played in real and if the performance of both the players of your team and the match played in real is the same then you will win good real money online through is game. nowadays fantasy gaming is very trendy and everyone is playing these games.

  1. This is fantasy gaming app
  2. Many live  games available to play
  3. Earn bonus by refer to your friends
  4. Make your team and start earning

5. Coinswitch

CoinSwitch Kuber is a cryptocurrency-based app that contains the world’s best cryptocurrencies including bitcoin ethereum, dogecoin, polygon, and more. this app gives you the facility to capture all types of cryptocurrencies in the world and its interface is very simple so that you can easily understand it.

whenever you sign up in a switch kuber, you are given ₹ 100 bitcoin free and you can earn good money by trading more in it, this Best Money Earning Apps in India is fully legal You can also earn good money by referring to Kuber.

  1. Best crypto currencies app
  2. buy minimum bitcoin of 100rs
  3. get 50rs bitcoin free by refring
  4. more then 100 crypto currencies available on this app
Downloads  1CR+
Released on  31-05-2020
Offered by  Coin switch
Reviews  3 L+
Rating  4.0*
Size80MB( approx )

6. My11Circle

My11Circle is a fantasy gaming platform where you can earn good money by playing games and it is completely legal. My11Circle has many types of games like cricket, football, hockey, basketball.

And many more and most famous for cricket in which T20, ODI, test match, world cup There are all categories. In this, you can earn money by making your team.

if the performance of both your team and the playing team is the same, then you can win a better amount. you can also earn here by referring your friends. And on signing up you also get a bonus through which you can play. Make Money Online with my11circle.

My11Circle is becoming a famous earning app in India and it is safe.

  1. This is fantasy gaming app
  2. Many live  games available to play
  3. Earn bonus by refer to your friends
  4. Make your team and start earning
Downloads  10 L+
Released on  04-10-2020
Offered by  My11Circel
Reviews  6 T+
Rating  3.6*


The Phonepe application has become the most used UPI application in India, though we can do UPI transactions in a few seconds if you want to earn money, then you can use the phonepe app.

There are many ways to earn with phonepe Like you get 100 to ₹ 200 on per referral and if you make UPI payment on this then you can get cashback, you also get coupons so that by redeeming them you can get a better discount.

In the list of best money earning apps in India by linking your bank account in phonepe, you can send money from your account to another’s account, that too in a few seconds and how can you get it.

  1. Cashback on evry transation
  2. 100 To 200 rs per refer
  3. Vouchers of many brands
  4. Cashback on adding money in wallet
Downloads  10CR+
Released on  29-08-2016
Offered by  phone pe
Reviews  75 L+
Rating  4.3*

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