10 Best AdSense Alternatives for Your Website in 2022

10 Best AdSense Alternatives for Your Website in 2022

Google AdSense may be the most popular way to monetize your website, but there are plenty of other ways to do it, too! Here’s the top 10 of the best AdSense alternatives in case you’re looking to look out your options or get more money out of the same pages that are already getting traffic from Google.

Plus, when one AdSense-like service dies down (or gets taken down by Google), you’ll have plenty of other places to go instead!

1) PropellerAds (10 Best AdSense Alternatives)

PropellerAds is an interesting alternative to Google Adsense. It has been called a Google killer and it has been used by many publishers to make money from their website.

It works very similar to Google Adsense but there are some differences that you should know about before you start using it. In order to use PropellerAds, you need to register with them and set up your account.

2) Amazon Native Shopping Ads

If you’re using WordPress, consider one of the many Amazon affiliate plugins available that allow you to seamlessly incorporate Amazon product links on your site. Alternatively, if you sell a large number of products or services (think: SaaS, software-as-a-service or media subscriptions), try a self-hosted Amazon shopping feed.

This can be easily set up using Google Feed API or by signing up for a free account with CamelCamelCamel.

3) Skimlinks

Skimlinks helps bloggers earn money by setting up affiliate relationships with thousands of brands and e-commerce sites. It automatically adds affiliate links to your posts so that when you link to products or services, you get a portion of any revenue they make.

Skimlinks is an easy way to monetize your website without having to learn how to code or manage analytics.

4) ylliX

This self-serve platform is intended for websites that don’t need much support and already generate enough traffic to run on auto-pilot. (If you want to schedule your Facebook content, there are plenty of tools available.) Plus, it’s cheap—the basic plan, which provides 250 posts per month, is $5/month. Visit their site here.

5) Adsterra

Unlike Google, Adsterra doesn’t charge for running ads. Instead, you get paid a fixed fee per click. They have more than 60 ad formats to fit any purpose and niche—from jobs listings to real estate agencies to dating sites.

Also, they do not manually review your site before approving it. They pay out every Monday via PayPal or check if you are an U.S.-based publisher.

6) PopCash

PopCash is a revenue-sharing advertising network. Publishers get paid to host ads, and advertisers pay PopCash to deliver their ads. Rather than paying a portion of ad revenue, like with traditional CPM advertising, PopCash pays 100% of all ad revenues.

In other words, PopCash covers all costs of running an ad campaign upfront and takes 100% of net profits afterwards. Not only is it far more profitable, but also it’s free and easy to sign up—no apps or software are required.

7) Amazon Associates Program

If you’re a website owner, Amazon Associates is a simple way to monetize your website and make money from its visitors. You can create special links—called product links—that send customers to any Amazon product you like (books, electronics, kitchenware).

When people click on these special links and buy something, you get a commission from Amazon. The more products you promote, the more money you can potentially make!

8) Outbrain

Outbrain is one of my favorite AdSense alternatives because it’s such a strong, consistent performer. Just as Google does with its AdSense ads, Outbrain spots trending and relevant content on your site and matches it with appropriate placements.

It also uses rich media like images and video to increase click-through rates, which is why I rank it second only to Taboola.

9) ClickBank Affiliate Program

Selling digital products through ClickBank has long been one of my favorite side-businesses. You can earn a good living from affiliate marketing, and it’s also a way to connect with audiences that may not be interested in your niche site.

That said, it’s not easy to get traffic to a ClickBank site—but if you can hit your daily quota of new customers, then you can definitely achieve success with affiliates.10 Best AdSense Alternatives.

10) Sovrn

With Sovrn, you’ll be able to choose from more than 100 ad formats, and each will have a detailed breakdown of how it performs. This allows you to optimize your business’s performance based on facts and concrete data—not just hunches.

For example, if you want to keep things fresh and encourage users to click through new offers regularly, then rewards-based ads might be right for you. If you want each impression to generate maximum revenue possible, display ads are a great option!

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